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John Cena shocks the audience during Oscars presentation

John Cena cause stir on social media after he walked onstage naked during Oscars awards presentation.

The popular wrestler and actor walked onstage during his presentation of the award for best costume design.

After his appearance, Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel reminisced the cloud about this incident, “At the 46th Academy Awards, 1974, David Niven was in the middle of introducing Elizabeth Taylor when a nude man – a streaker – ran across the stage,” he said.

John Cena shocks the audience during Oscars presentation

Cena’s appearance causes different opinions on social media, as many blast the wrestler for shaming himself during the precious awards.

Cena then stepped onto center stage, clutching the oversized presenter’s envelope to announce the award, which ultimately went to “Poor Things.” However, he encountered a humorous obstacle as he struggled to lift the envelope to reveal the nominees.

“Costumes… they are so important. Maybe the most important thing there is,” Cena remarked, alluding to his own unconventional attire.

Kimmel then offered after Cena said, “I can’t open the envelope,” then announced the nominations so the actor could stay fully covered.


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