Zoleka Mandela reveals all complications over her pregnancy

Zoleka Mandela believes that all complications surrounding her latest pregnancy has made her stronger and remained her that her unborn child is the gift from GOD.

Zoleka Mandela reveals all complications over her pregnancy

Zoleka took her Instagram and explain the depth details concern all difficulties she faced over last few months.

“We’ve had quite an emotional rollercoaster of a journey since the conception of Baby Bashala – from finding out we were pregnant on the same day my vaginal ultrasound revealed that I may have adenomyosis, which is a gynecological medical condition that can only be cured through a hysterectomy to the emotional distress brought on by non-invasive prenatal testing to rule out down syndrome and to being diagnosed with depression and anxiety.”

Zoleka explained that despite all the challenges she’s facing, falling pregnant as a cancer surviour without the use of IVF has proven to her that this baby is a blessing.

“I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle for close to a year until it came unexpectedly, I fell pregnant immediately after and will be birthing my 5th child in a few weeks, without the use of IVF. Baby Bashala is such a reminder that I am truly blessed and favoured, my little miracle in my womb is a gift from God.”


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I weighed 95.9kgs at my last prenatal visit with my OBGYN, you guys!!! 🙈 I had two outings yesterday that left my feet so swollen, they’re so much better now that I’m confined to this bed. My Friend To The End calls my swollen feet amagwinya (fat cakes), mxim!!! 😂 My legs have swallowed my ankles!!! I feel like a fat cake for real, it takes me a good 40mins or so to get dressed because I need to take frequent breaks and I need help with getting up from a couch or bed because I’m insanely made out of CEMENT, Fanta Grape, Palm Oil and Doritos right now!!! 😊 I don’t know how Mr. Bashala manages all this weight on me but he does, he can keep it!!! 🤣 FYI, I’m on medication to prevent the risk of Preeclampsia so the swelling on my legs, feet and fingers is PREGNANCY combined with, “I didn’t have time to lose weight before falling pregnant because I had already gained so much weight from EATING MY FEELINGS!!! 🤪 I’m so tired, guys and still have weeks to go!!! #BashalaBabyBump #BabyBashala #MrsBashala #MrsBashalaInCapeTown

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