Zola 7 aks fans to help him raise R5m for his TV show

Bonginkosi ‘Zola 7’ Dlamini asks for fans to help him raise R5 Million for his TV show, he took his social media to tell fans.

“Tv or no TV, Zola 7 continues. I will post banking details where you can contribute [sic]” he posted on his Instagram page.

Zola then asked his fans to help contribute to his efforts.

“I am doing this because I asked for pledges from the public and people don’t believe it’s me. So, a few people suggested I shoot a video. Guys it’s me, Bonginkosi,” he said while giving out the banking details.

“So, what happened this morning was not a prank. I was actually asking. I need about R5 million to go and do a couple of charities and help the Abrahim Children’s Home and a couple of others. It’s definitely me,” he explained.