Zodwa Wabantu and her new BEN 10 open up about their love

Zodwa Wabantu and her new bae, Vusi Buthelezi, revealed about top things that attracted to each other.
It has been three months since Zodwa and Ntobeko Linda split, she’s moving on just the way she said last time after she cancel the wedding.
Zodwa told TshisaLIVE that she and Vusi were head over heels with each other and you could tell by the tone of their voices.
“I will decide whether I include him on my reality show because I have 13 episodes ahead of me. We have been dating for three months, he makes me happy and I love him, can’t you see my skin is even glowing?” Zodwa asked.
The dancer added that Vusi was the reason why her skin was beautiful and glowing lately.
“Since I’m very busy I don’t want to make him understand my life or involve him because my previous relationship was ruined by that. After they get used to this life they become big-headed and think they are a superstar and the only superstar is me.”
When asked how she was going to do that Zodwa explained that she needed to come up with a strategy on how she was going to handle her current relationship.
“What attracted me to her is her honesty, she’s pure. I love being happy and she loves being happy. I’m an entrepreneur and also furthering my studies,” Vusi said.
Vusi explained that spending time was quite a mission but they always made it work.
“Sometimes our work schedules clash so I sacrifice by travelling with her to make our relationship stronger. We understand each other’s job pressures. I spend time with her when I’m not working.”