Zodwa explains the reason of tightening her vagina

Following backlash from social media Zodwa Wabantu explains the main reason of undergo vaginal tightening treatment.

Last time Zodwa slammed on social media after sharing a video of herself in aesthetic doctor, Mahendra Premchand performed the procedure.

The same doctor accompanied her to the recent Vodacom Durban July, where she showed off her rejuvenated boobs, which she had “lifted”, non-surgically.

“My breasts were sagging. I went the non-surgical route because I didn’t want to go under the knife.”

Zodwa said she undergo that treatment because she want wanted it returned to its pre-birth state.

“You know, doc, as women, after giving birth we often feel that something down there is no longer the same or tight. I’m not talking for all women, but we’ve seen questions from women who are like, ‘my vagina is no longer tight after birth or I was born like that’,” she said.