‘why radio ain’t playing your sh*t’: AKA throw shades at his rivals

Rapper AKA trolls his rival for their complaints about radio and payola, he telling them the problem was not artists paying for airplay but the quality of music being submitted.

Last month AKA was caught in the middle of a discussion about payola after he was mentioned in an example used during a speech on the practice by EFF leader Julius Malema.

‘why radio ain't playing your sh*t’: AKA throw shades at his rivals

Payola and airplay was obvs still on the Supa Mega’s mind because he sent a clear message to his rivals on the subject all the way from Lagos, Nigeria over the weekend.

AKA took his Instagram and address everything and give some advice to musicians.

“I see a lot of people saying it is a dirty game and I have the remedy. Let me tell you why radio ain’t playing your sh*t, it is because your sh*t doesn’t bang, bro. Okay? You’re not making hot sh*t. That is why the radio isn’t playing you.”

AKA said that it was funny that when radio was playing some artists’ music they weren’t complaining but now that they weren’t getting as much love, they were crying foul.

“I’ve been making hot sh*t for ten years. It’s simple. Winners win. Losers complain about winners.”

He went on to explain that artists were too quick to blame payola.

“It has nothing to do with payola. It has nothing to do with anything. Make hot sh*t. Go back to the studio and stop complaining. Stop complaining and work hard. Maybe radio isn’t playing your sh*t because it sucks?”