WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu shares secret to get rid of dark thigh spots

Our favourite dancer Zodwa Wabantu shares her beauty secret on how to get rid of dark thigh spots for all women who disturbed with it.

As you know, Zodwa is unlike other artists, she always prefers to shares everything that could be useful to others especially women.

Zodwa shares a series of videos on his Instagram to help others feel comfortable with their skin even show off your legs and inner thigh just like the dancer.

WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu shares secret to get rid of dark thigh spots

The comments on the video were lit with people swearing by her method and declaring her the leadership of 2019.

“It also helps with the Cellulite. Mixing it with your lotion and magnolia tissue oil,” wrote one user helpfully.

“There goes high sales of spirit. Wena Zodwa go claim your share from whomever makes spirit and the towels,” wrote another.

Some complained that the method may not work with sensitive skin. Luckily, another follower stepped in to help.

“For the ladies who complain about burning or sensitive skin. You can mix with glycerin, the process is even faster. I am mixing mine and it works wonders. Sensitive skin, if you can’t stand it leave it, neh. Zodwa was just advising.”

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