WATCH: Zodwa Wabantu introduce her son to her BEN 10

Zodwa Wabantu has introduced her boo, Vusi Buthelezi, to her son following criticism she receives from social media users over dating BEN 10s.

As you know Zodwa is not care about all negativity from social media, she sharing a clip of her boo and son, meeting together.

In a social media post this week, Zodwa explained that her boyfriend Vusi made her happy.

“Vusi makes me happy. That’s why my son has a happy mother,” she wrote.

She went on to encourage women not to be too hard on themselves and put their happiness first. She said that doing so would rub off on their kids.

“Women don’t beat yourself up saying my kids first, you are first because all of your kids get is from you.”

Posting a video of her introducing Vuyo to Vusi, Zodwa said she was not going to hide her relationships.

“Don’t take (news of) my boyfriend or whatever I do personally. There is no other way to tell you than to tell you the truth. I fall in love. People break up, we move on,” she told Vuyo in the video.