WATCH: Pupils fight with Panga in Limpopo

Nine pupils who were involved in a panga fight have been suspended, reported by Daily Sun.

The fight happened last Friday afternoon in Maune Village in Mashashane, Limpopo.

The pupils are from Tlakale Mashashane Secondary School.

In a video circulating on social media, a gang of screaming kids is seen running away from or towards the street fighters.

It’s still not clear what the two groups were fighting about.

Education spokesman Sam Makondo confirmed that the pupils had been suspended.

“The pupils will appear before a disciplinary hearing.

“We’re still investigating the incident,” said Makondo.

They don’t know what the panga fight was about.

“We were assisted by residents in identifying the pupils involved in the fight.

“The department is concerned about the matter.

“The fight happened outside the school premises, but the pupils were in uniform.”

He said information on the matter will soon come to light.