WATCH: Man admits killing and selling cats meat to Samosa vendors in 6 years

A 34-year-old Kenyan man has reportedly confessed to killing more than 1 000 cats, and selling their meat to unsuspecting samosa vendors since 2012.

According to the Star newspaper, James Mukangi, was caught skinning a slaughtered cat by local residents on Sunday in an open field outside Nakuru town, west of the capital, Nairobi.

The residents handed him over to the police.

Mukangi told journalists that he had sold cat meat to a local hotel and unsuspecting vendors since 2012 when he saw a “business opportunity”.

Mukangi said his clients were unaware that they were buying cat meat. He said that he had made more than $50 000 from his trade.

According to the Daily Nation newspaper, the suspect also said that there was a thriving market for cats’ skin, and was making at least $4.95 for every cat he slaughtered.

A veterinary officer in Nakuru County, Dr Githui Kaba, said that it was illegal to sell cat meat as it was not classified as suitable meat for human consumption.

The incident had since raised fears among Kenyans over food products that locals consumed, said a report by the Standard newspaper.

But one of the residents reportedly defended the suspect, saying that there was no problem with Mukangi selling cat meat since corruption in the east African country was widespread.

“This man is just doing what he can to survive. Until we uphold the rule of law and integrity at all levels in life, let people do what they want then,” the unnamed resident was quoted as saying.