WATCH: Kelly clarify the reason behind EFF rally workout

Kelly Khumalo claps back all trolls she experience after leaving EFF rally few days after ago following #JusticeForSenzo chants and all cyberbullying attack on her social media.

During an interview on Trending SA, Kelly explained why she walked off stage and why she isn’t willing to just turn the other cheek anymore.

WATCH: Kelly clarify the reason behind EFF rally workout

The songstress performed just two songs before ending her performance at the rally in Durban after people starting chanting #JusticeForSenzo. 

“I was in a relationship with him (Senzo) and I am in the public eye. And I think that people think I’m an easy target.”

Kelly said she was over letting people come at her.

“I’ve taken certain steps because it’s not just about me – I’ve gotten to a point where I realised that I have to teach people how to treat me. Now I’m like, you know what, you’ve done so much, you’ve said so much and I’m going to clap you. Because I can (clap you)  just because I don’t do it, doesn’t mean I can’t. So if you keep just hovering around me, you will get clapped!” she said.