WATCH: DJ Tira hit with a bottle during the performance

Last weekend wasn’t good for DJ Tira, he was hit by bottle of beer during the performance at the University of Venda’s All-Black party, injured him underneath his eye.

After the incident, he was forced to stop playing and leave the stage before finishing.

Before the unfortunate incident, the audience danced to his music while others were singing along.

It appears that others were not interested in the event and started throwing bottles towards the Dj.

According to Daily Sun, DJ Tira shared the stage with SABC’s 2018 song of the year winner Master KG, Epidems, Heavy K as well as other local DJs.

After he was beaten, Tira went to his twitter account and posted the video titled: “Traumatic experience this morning at University of Venda.

“Other social media users said the bottle nearly hit him and actually missed.

Tira was shocked that even after he was injured there were those who didn’t believe him.

“Are you saying the bottle didn’t touch me? He questioned.

WATCH: DJ Tira hit with a beer bottle during the performance

According to Tsundzuka Hakamela of the Student Representative Council who organized the event, the unfortunate situation was caused by a drunk party goer who wanted to disrupt the occasion.

“They normally switch of the lights and unplug the cables when they want to sabotage the event.

On Friday we had enough security to guard on those spots we know they target hence the drunk member whom we believe is from the opposition parties decided to throw beer bottles to the stage

We can’t say the drunkard was against DJ Tira but the aim was to cause chaos with intentions to see us switching off,” said Hakamela.

He highlighted that the event continued even after Tira was hit.

Hakamela says he met with Tira who wanted to go back to the stage and continued to play but they realized that he was injured.