WATCH: Desperate mom uses kids to steal in Cape Town

Her video taught her kids to steal people’s staff went viral on internet while many disappointed on how she treats children.

Cape Town cops are looking for leads to arrest her, reported by Daily Sun.

The unknown woman who was caught on camera in a mall using kids to steal.

Social media users are upset with the heartless woman who uses children to steal from people in malls.

This follows a video posted by Facebook user Lilian Laly Prins on Sunday captioned:

“Paarl Mall: Queen’s purses should not be on the ground and what example is the mom, for her children, sick world share and make it viral please.”

The two-minute-long video shows a woman with three children coming out of a lift before they stand behind a woman who was at Steers food court.

The thief woman pretends to speak on the phone while seemingly instructing the eldest of the three kids to take the handbag. The child hesitates at first but slowly drags the purse and walks away fast while the owner of the purse continues to work without noticing.

The video has had more than 241 000 views, 11 000 shares and over 1 000 comments the past 24-hours.

“This mother is evil because what she is teaching kids will ruin their lives forever. They may think that stealing is good yet it will land them in jail. If it is her kids then she is a bad mother but we never know, probably they are not hers,” commented Nolitha Tshabane on the video.

Another social media user Lorraine Mzila said: “That woman must rot in jail if she is caught, she takes away the innocence of these young children.”

Western Cape cops say the incident happened two weeks ago and the matter is still being investigated.

“The incident in the footage made available on social media, occurred on 11 November. A theft case is currently being investigated by Paarl Police. No other incidents pertaining to the suspects in the footage have been reported to Paarl police before or after the incident on the 11th. Detectives are following up all leads,” said Captain Frederick van Wyk.