Vincent Moloi express his anger over Tanzania anti-gay law

Local director, Vincent Moloi express his voice to Tanzania following latest strategies took by the government on identify, and punish homosexuals, prostitutes and online fraudsters.

As Tanzania being watched by the world especially western nations, the government already released the statement on denies Makonda’s operations to homosexual communities as minister of home affairs he claims that all gays are safe.

Homosexual in Tanzania is the crime with a sentence of up to 30 years in jail for those found guilty, and it is against all traditions of all tribes in the country as majority of Tanzanians understand it.


The winning award director showing his solidarity with those fighting the crackdown on Thursday and questioned why there was so much hate.

“My people, what’s with the hate? I’m in solidarity with LGBTQ community in Tanzania, and the world over,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Please. I’m not interested in your argument that this is unAfrican, or God this and God that on my timeline. This status is my unflinching position on this matter, it is not your opportunity to justify and spread your hate. Hambo’dlalela le!”