Vatiswa Ndara meets Nathi Mthethwa amid Fergusons drama

Vatiswa Ndara had a meeting with Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa  today after she accused the Fergusons for exploiting actors.
In the scathing six-page letter, Vatiswa revealed that she would not be returning to season three of iGazi, and then detailed some of the alleged conditions of the contract offered to her by the company.
“Ferguson Films is officially starting iGazi 3 and we would like to offer Vatiswa a global contract for iGazi 3 at R110,000 (before tax) for the duration of the shoot (five weeks). No limit to calls, first call exclusive to us,” read a quote, allegedly from an e-mail by Ferguson Films.
Vatiswa then listed why these conditions were problematic, including how actors were not able to seek further employment until the contract was completed and were allegedly not compensated for work-related activities, including wardrobe fittings, make-up, public relations and media interviews.
She also claimed that the contract allowed for limitless calls, which could see her on set from Monday to Saturday, sometimes for up to 12 hours a day, with no additional compensation.
“This particular interaction with Ferguson Films has not only made me evaluate my own being and sustenance within the industry,” she said in the letter.
The veteran actress tweeted over her meeting with minister, “Just had a meeting with Minister @NathiMthethwaSA giving me an opportunity to expand on the issues raised in the Open letter.  He’ll respond to it in due course.  He encourages SA creatives to not lose momentum and keep up the burning spirit of progress.”