Uboneni Magubane says sexism forced her to stop making music

MUboneni Magubane reveal everything she faces while tried to make her dream come true for become a great maskandi artist.

After 14 years in music industry, the award-winning musician has not received the recognition she deserves and is calling it quits.

Uboneni Magubane says sexism forced her to stop making music

“Women in the maskandi scene don’t get the same opportunities as men. I’ve been let down several times,” she told Daily Sun.

She released eight albums but said she was undermined because she’s a woman.

“Most promoters and event organisers don’t pay me. All of my albums are of a high quality, but I’m sidelined because I’m a woman.”

Uboneni said when she was paid by event organisers, she got half of what men were given.

She said although she noticed the discrimination a long time ago, she kept going because she thought it would change.

“I was wrong. I love maskandi, but I cannot continue to do it when the industry is still like this. I have nothing.

“I’d sometimes take a taxi from Joburg to perform in Durban and get nothing. Some women maskandi artists are scared to talk because they’ll isolate you.”

Uboneni said she had decided to further her studies but refused to say what she would be studying.