Two mothers arrested after their children dies in Alex blaze

Police arrested two mothers, who believed to be the mothers of four children who died in a fire in Alexandra township in Johannesburg.

Those two mother, aged 29 and 39 are facing child neglect allegedly left their children home alone

“On Sunday at about 5am‚ the police were called to a house in Alexandra‚ where children were left alone. On their arrival‚ they found four children – aged between three and seven years old – in a fire at their home‚” said police in a statement.


“A witness‚ who was also sleeping in the same house‚ informed the police that he was woken up by the fire‚ which had already engulfed most of the house. He quickly ran out to the neighbours to seek help.”

According to reports, one children died at the scene while 3 others died later in hospital after severe injuries from fire.

Case has opened and soon they will appear on court in connection to that crime.