Twitter frenzy over AKA and DJ Zinhle re-unite rumour

AKA and DJ Zinhle went viral on twitter after their hugging picture spread across the Internet suggest that old couple back again rumour.

Tweeps also called Zinhle to order for “taking AKA back” after he cheated on her.

Let’s make it clear though, Twitter got all this info from a picture of them hugging.


According to TSHISALIVE, the couple, who are co-parenting their daughter Kairo were snapped sharing a snug hug at Taboo nightclub over the weekend.

Maybe it was the fact that they seemed to be staring in each other’s eyes or that Zinhle’s hands were both firmly around AKA’s back, but it only took that one snap to give Twitter FBI the “evidence” they needed to prove the couple were back together.

Soon timelines were flooded with people dragging Zinhle for giving the rapper another chance.

DJ Zinhle said she had just walked out of a meeting when she saw her name trending at number one.

In a series of tweets, Zinhle laughed off the suggestions and schooled haters that one hug doesn’t make a relationship.