Tumi Morake: ‘we need to value ourselves & believe in our talent’

Comedian Tumi Morake wants Africans to believe on our talent, value it and stop believing that we are not good enough than others.

Tumi is enjoying her best after joined the Netflix Comedians of the World series, alongside other South Africans Loyiso Gola, Riaad Moosa and Loyiso Madinga.

Tumi Morake

She already travelled different places and make people laugh through her talent and she’s believing others could do the same and stop negativity.

Tumi said she was excited for the world to see the talent that South Africa has and make Mzansi proud.

“We have so much amazing comedians. The thing is we need to value ourselves and believe in our talent. Nobody is going to babysit us and look after us, we need to look after ourselves and we are more than capable of not only being on such a big stage but owning it.”

Tumi Morake

“We are bigger than we give ourselves credit for. We are more amazing than we give ourselves credit for. We are lighter than we give ourselves credit for. We think everything is dark and gloomy but look at how easily we laugh. We are bloody awesome and we need to stop putting other people before us.”

“I made sure it was in the way I looked. I also tried to immediately pull them in by talking about motherhood, weight, being a wife and being a stranger in a new place. These are experiences that we all have and then bring it back to my own unique perspective of where I am from. It is the best representation we can make.”