Trevor Noah agreed with Malema’s statement on xenophobia

Trevor Noah has agreed with Julius Malema statement on resolving xenophobic attack in South Africa after everything went through last week.

Last time, JUJU condemn xenophobic attack in South Africa, he said only united Africa can solve this problem.

On Monday, the comedian retweet Malema post to agree with him on how this problem could be solved.

Malema said, “When you are done with Nigerians, Mozambicans, Zimbabweans, Zambians, you are going to go for Shangaans from Giyani. I have to stop you now before you come for me. We are going to be victims.

“They’re going to say, ‘The reason we don’t have jobs here is because of these Zulus. They must go back to Natal. Xhosas must go back to Eastern Cape, Shangaans must go back to Limpopo.’ Because there will be no foreigners left to fight.”

Malema said it was a myth that foreigners were stealing jobs and opportunities.

“You are justifying crime and you give it nice names called xenophobia and Afrophobia. It’s a crime and has to be dealt with as such. I’m not going to join anyone who beats up an African person. I’m not part of that mess.

“I will never even support anyone who wants to stone a white person. It doesn’t matter the amount of disagreements we have.”

Malema said violence was unjustifiable and added that not “even a white person who has committed genocide, not even [former president Frederik Willem] de Klerk, deserves to be stoned like that.”


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