Thomas Tuchel responds over PSG fans’ chants on Neymar exit

PSG boss, Thomas Tuchel said he understand over fans emotions after fans carry banners last match chant for Neymar exit.

PSG fans are furious over Neymar’s altitude he shown last summer toward the club and fans, this time they want him out.

Former club Barcelona and Real Madrid are linked on his transfer, meanwhile PSG sporting director Leonardo has confirmed they are in “more advanced” discussions over an exit.

Thomas Tuchel responds over PSG fans’ chants on Neymar exit

And when asked for his take, on the fans’ chants, Tuchel said: “It’s a little difficult, I don’t know what to say.

“I saw [the public’s reaction on Neymar] on my colleagues’ phones because I hadn’t heard that during the game.

“Can I understand that? Yes and no, that’s the way it is in our lives. The emotions are serious, the emotions are still there, okay. But on the other hand, Neymar is still our player, still my player, and I will always protect my players. He’s in the locker room, he’s here and I’ll protect him.

“I can understand that not everyone likes what he said and what he did. I understand, but we have to express a level to express our emotion.”

PSG won last night, with Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and Angel Di Maria all saw the net.

Tuchel said despite of their wins, they’re still missing the Brazilian because his presence helps to bring the best out of French phenom Mbappe.

“He is still missing, because he can find solutions that only he can find. He can open spaces with movements, accelerations, one against the other.

“It was a little lacking today to be more decisive in the first half. But we have to find other solutions, we have to give rhythm with passes, with intensive runs. But it’s clear, he’s Neymar, and he has extraordinary qualities.

“If he is not on the field, he is missing, but it is our challenge to find solutions. We still have to improve.

“The best thing is that they [Neymar and Mbappe] play together. It is not a question of whether Mbappe can give more when Neymar is not there.

“Kylian gives a lot, he’s been very focused for four weeks now. He puts a lot of intensity into training, into matches. It’s great for the team to improve.

“But the best thing is that Neymar is next to him.”