‘The current allegations are false’: DJ Fresh denies rape claims

The legendary entertainer, Thato Sikwane, better known as DJ Fresh has denied all rape allegations made against him following social media “#AMINEXT” campaign.

#AMINEXT campaign is in social media trends in Mzansi with aim to expose all who abused women sexually, Fresh appear on the list.

‘The current allegations are false’: DJ Fresh denies rape claims

After the allegations, Fresh took his social media with a statement to dismiss all claims and convince people to understand on how he fights against gender violence.

“The current allegations are false and without basis. They have been made and published, recklessly,” the statement reads, in part.

He further refers to the ongoing fight against gender based violence, saying that it saddens him that the “shift is being shifted from the real issues and perpetrators”.

As for statements made against me by someone I had a relationship with 18 years ago, they are without merit and denied.

Reads the statement: “I have in the past, chosen to ignore this person, but due to implications of the most recent statements, the matter is/has been referred to my attorneys to handle and I’m not in a position to comment further at this time”.

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