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Yanga vs Azam leo 25.12.2022-Waamuzi Tuwe makini


Yanga vs Azam leo 25.12.2022-Waamuzi Tuwe makini

Well, this is the holiday season, because despite the joy of Christmas Dec 2022, there is the joy of Azam vs Yanga today on Sunday, the Exalted One is fighting with his Enemy, he is carrying Fei Toto. How will it be? Please the Referees of this Game

The first round started with a lot of noise due to the referees seeing each other making decisions that were confusing for the players and the fans as they could not understand what was going on.

Cases of failing to interpret the 17 rules were taking them frequently to ethics committees and then returning they continue to be at their best.

This means that our judges have a great ability to work with decisions carefully but there is a way that makes them fail to have a good continuity.

It was easy for the part that should be given a penalty not to be given and the part that should not be given these are things that should be made great improvements.

The second round has already started with the competition increasing but now it seems that the judges are also returning to the issues that were decreasing now they are slowly starting to return.

Our belief is to see a better and more competitive league while the mistakes that have been seen on the field are reduced.

It is possible if everyone decides to fulfill their responsibility because the issue of failure to make the right decisions is selling many.

Starting from the players who invest energy in the pursuit of victory as well as the fans who come out to give strength to their teams.

In the present time it is important to make improvements in performance and to reduce those frequent errors which are quite possible to be set aside.

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