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Women Day, it’s Women ruggers charm


Women Day, it’s Women ruggers charm

ALL is set as We Do With You (WEEDO) Warriors stage a rugby exhibition as section of celebrations of International Women’s Day.

The tournament that ambitions at utilising rugby to handle the gender-based violence, will take region at Geza, Kigamboni in Dar es Salaam today.

Fatma Kindiy, the committee member of the Tanzania Rugby Union (TRU) in cost of women’s development, informed the ‘reporter’ in Dar es Salaam on Monday that coaching for the inaugural match has been finalised and the whole thing is in region beforehand of the tomorrow’s event.

“I want to invite women and rugby fans to join WEEDO Warriors in an exciting game in the event that also aims to tackle gender-based violence.

Together we can make a difference and create a safer and more peaceful community,” she said.

Adding, she said the event starts at 9 am and climaxes at 11 am and is part of the Women’s Day celebration marked globally on March 8th.

She stressed: “Gender-based violence is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. It is a problem that requires a multifaceted approach to address, and one potential solution is through sports like rugby.

Rugby has been known to instill important values such as teamwork, respect, and discipline. These values can be harnessed to promote gender equality and to tackle gender-based violence,” she said.

She added: “By using rugby as a platform, we can create safe spaces for women to come together, learn from each other, and work towards building a more inclusive society.”

According to her, rugby, can provide education on issues related to gender-based violence and promote healthy relationship, they can also use the sport to empower women and girls, by providing them with opportunities to participate in a traditionally male-dominated sport, thereby challenging gender norms and stereotypes.

“We must work together to eradicate gender-based violence, and rugby can play a vital role in achieving this. By embracing the values of rugby and using it as a tool for social change, we can create a world where everyone can live free from violence and discrimination,” she emphasises.

She appeals for women to unite and tackle gender-based violence through rugby by turning up in big numbers tomorrow.

TRU has also worked hard in promoting women’s participation in the game.

Women Day, it’s Women ruggers charm

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