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Viingilio Simba vs Mbeya city 17.01.2023


Viingilio Simba vs Mbeya city 17.01.2023

Tickets for our NBC Premier League game against Mbeya City have already been announced where the minimum ticket price will be Shs 5,000.

The league game, which is the first since the start of 2023, will be played on Wednesday at one o’clock at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium.

The game will be the first for Head Coach Roberto Oliviera ‘Robertinho’ who will return tomorrow with the squad from Dubai where we set up an eight-day camp.

We will also use that game to introduce our new players we signed up in the registration window that closed yesterday.

The entries are as follows:

Round Shs 5,000
VIP B and C Sh 10,000
VIP A Shs 15,000

Tickets have already started to be sold through mobile networks and stations have also been announced.

Simba Sc Tranfers new-Tetesi za Usajili Simba Dirisha Dogo

The leadership of the Simba club has reached an agreement to sign striker Mohamed Mussa from Malindi in Zanzibar.

Mussa, who apart from playing as a striker is also able to play as a midfielder in all the side positions, has signed a three-year contract to serve our club.

Viingilio Simba vs Mbeya city 17.01.2023

Among the qualities that have made us interested in signing the player is his real football talent and his 22-year-old age, we believe he will be a great help in the near future.

Although he is from the islands of Zanzibar, this will not be the first time he has participated in the NBC Premier League, he has served for the teams of Gwambina FC and Mbeya City.

Mussa’s registration is the fourth in this small window after Saido Ntibazonkiza, Hamed Ismael Sawadogo and Jean Baleke and we have officially closed the registration at this time.

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