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Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Fc Waisaka Saini Ya Luis Miquissone


Tetesi za Usajili Yanga Fc Waisaka Saini Ya Luis Miquissone, Yanga Fc Waisaka Saini Ya Luis Miquissone

Luís Jose Miquissone is a Mozambican footballer who plays as a midfielder for Saudi club Abha on loan from Egyptian club Al Ahly and the Mozambique national team

Although Simba Club continues to be given a large percentage to return their former Mozambican winger, Luis Miquissone, the leadership of Yanga has been alleged to have invaded the deal and wanted to bring down the rock in the desert.

Luis left Simba on August 26, last year and joined the Al Ahly team in Egypt, which later loaned him to the Abha Club team in Saudi Arabia, where he failed to play.

Our source from Simba told Championi on Saturday that, after Yanga heard that Luis is asking to return to Simba, he sent his people to talk to the player’s leadership.

Yanga agreed to make a blasphemy bet and pay him a significant salary which is close to what he is currently being paid at Al Ahly but Luis pulled out and said he only loves Simba.

“There is something serious going on with Miquissone and his managers, because we as Simba have already done what is necessary to bring back Miquissone who has shown a large percentage of the need to come to our team to increase strength.

“The news that confuses us is that we have heard that our colleagues have gone around and gone to his management and made their offer where they have expressed their desire to want the player at any cost, especially after hearing our agreement with Al Ahly.

“I am confident that if the player does not change his previous statements, then we will join him any time after we are done with his management, which is the remaining obstacle at the moment after talking about all the transfer matters and the compensation of his salary with the player,” said the source.

Simba’s Information and Communications Manager, Ahmed Ally spoke about the registration and said: “We must make major improvements to our squad in this small window registration, but I cannot tell you the names of the players we are looking at until we complete our registration.”

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