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Tetesi za usajili yanga-Fahamu Kilichomtoa Fei Toto Yanga


Tetesi za usajili yanga-Fahamu Kilichomtoa Fei Toto Yanga

The star of Yanga, Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto‘ has officially said goodbye to the fans of the team while it was announced that he is joining Azam FC.

Through a letter published by the star through his social network he wrote “It has been a very good time to play for the Yanga Club with a long and interesting history in the country and all of Africa,”

“We have had many mixed times, we were happy together when happiness came our way and we were sad together when bad times happened to us, I will remember many good things that happened together and I will forget all the bad things very quickly,”

“Every time I remember the fans of Wananchi, my heart becomes heavy to say goodbye to my teammates and leaders also for the love you showed me when we were together in difficulties and joys but what is inevitable is not done or said, so today I say goodbye Wananchi,”

“But life is like that, things come and go and there are times when they repeat themselves, until another time, with the blessing of seeing each other,”

When Feisal said goodbye, the statement issued by the club continued to emphasize that the star is still their property as he has a contract until May 30, 2024 and they have already started negotiations with his representatives led by his mother to improve his interests.

The statement continued by explaining that it has not received an alternative response to the proposed improvements from Feisal and his representatives and instead they received a letter to terminate his contract which is against the agreement.

In addition, Yanga said that it has returned Sh112, 000, 000 million that Feisal put in the Club Account, so the regulations of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and FIFA must be followed by any team that wants to sign a Yanga player.

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