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Tetesi za usajili, Tetesi za usajili Yanga, Simba, Azam na NBC League kwa Ujumla 2022/2023


Transfer News, Tetesi za usajili, Tetesi za usajili Yanga, Simba, Azam na NBC League kwa Ujumla 2022/2023

Before the window of transfers has closed yesterday Anzimag has takes a look on the latest news of transfer for Yanga Fc and some other big team and here we bought you a hot transfer for Mamadou Doumbia

Yanga have really licked the cock after finishing with the Malian international defender, Mamadou Doumbia because the star has five strong qualities that are expected to carry him in the team of coach Nasreddine Nabi.

The defender is currently with the national team of Mali in the ongoing CHAN championship in Algeria.

The defender will add strength to Yanga’s defensive line which is currently under four defenders Bakari Mwamnyeto, Dickson Job, Yannick Bangala and Ibrahim Bacca.

Champion has looked carefully at Yanga’s line-up and then identified the reasons for Yanga to add Doumbia while identifying these 5 qualities from this defender which is the source of Yanga’s bosses signing this defender.


If you look at this defender, you will see that he is taller than all the Yanga defenders who are currently there, while he is slightly taller than Mwamnyeto, who is the tallest in Yanga’s defensive line.

Yanga needed another tall defender to give life to the defensive zone especially in terms of high balls while they believed that the defender would help them well.


Yanga’s biggest problem in recent games has been seen in cross balls and this defender is good at blocking high balls due to his height, which for Yanga they think they will have solved the problem by bringing in this defender.


Doumbia has a lot of experience in international championships, he has been serving the national team of Mali in many games starting from AFCON and CHAN which Yanga believe that this experience will help them in their African Confederation Cup games.


The guy is a difficult defender to pass but he is a leader as he has been the assistant captain of the Stade Malien team, which will also be an advantage for Yanga to have many leaders like Mwamnyeto, Khalid Aucho, Bangala, Job, Djuma Shabani and Fiston Mayele.


Doumbia has had many other qualities such as playing the team from the back due to his great ability to make long passes with fluency and that will be a great advantage due to players with great ability to run like Bernard Morrison, Tuisila Kisinda, Jesus Moloko and Mayele.

Why the Transfer rumors did not happen as they were spreading on the Media?

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has announced the official closing of the small registration window for the 2022/23 season.

At the time of the opening of the window, the names of various stars were linked to land in the country in order to come and play on the NBC PL, but until the registration is closed, those names have not taken wings and will remain believable stories until the end of this 2022/23 season.

Those names include Bobos Byaruhaga who was mentioned to be joining Yanga but at the end of the day he ended up in the United States.

Not only that, some Yanga officials started spreading information that Luis Miquissone, who once played for the Simba club, will join Yanga in the small registration window, but at the end of the day, he has remained where he is.

On the part of Simba, the name of Cezar Manzoki has been mentioned since the big registration window 2022/23 that he will join Simba but later his deal fell through and he ended up in China.

In this small window, Manzoki was informed that the star is there on a short-term contract and during the small window he will join Wekundu wa Msimbazi but at the end of the day he has remained in China and will remain a believable story until another time.

As for Makusu Mundele, his contract with Mnyama has also hit a rock due to the fact that the star has already played in the African Champions League with FC Lupopo, so it will be difficult for Simba to use him in the tournament in accordance with the rules.

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