HomeSoccerTetesi za usajili Simba(Transfer rumors Simba)-Simba kutangza wawili usiku wa leo.

Tetesi za usajili Simba(Transfer rumors Simba)-Simba kutangza wawili usiku wa leo.


Transfer Gossips Simba today-Tetesi za usajili Simba(Transfer rumors Simba)-Simba kutangza wawili usiku wa leo.

Before or after the match between Arsenal and Spurs on Sunday, Simba fans will be very happy. The coach, Oliveira Robertinho will announce two new machines at different positions before the window closes.

Simba before the small window is not closed today Sunday night, they will bring down two players including the midfielder from Burkina Faso, Ismael Sawadogo who was announced yesterday from Difaa El Jadida, the former team of Tanzanian Saimon Msuva in the Moroccan Premier League.

After Robertinho started work, the first proposal was a midfielder capable of playing a blocking and attacking position, they agreed to monitor him and see the possibility of finding him, Banfa Sylla who plays in Morocco’s Maghreb de Fes.

This possibility of finding him is narrow because the required contract is too long to break his contract as well as the player’s interest.

Simba’s bosses shot down the deal and yesterday afternoon when they were playing pilau in the afternoon they agreed to sign Sawadogo who is currently a free agent.

If things don’t go differently, Sawadogo will take the place of Victor Akpan who will be released on loan despite himself opposing those decisions believing he has the ability to compete for the role of Msimbazi.

Another star that Simba will introduce if things don’t go differently is the Congolese striker, Juan Makusu, who is currently a free player after breaking his contract with FC Lupopo of DR Congo.

Initially, Simba bosses wanted to buy TP Mazembe striker Juan Baleke, but Mazembe made it difficult as they wanted to release him on loan, which created tension for Simba until they decided to continue with Makusu who will now land in Msimbazi.

It is understood that despite the tension some are afraid of his ability, Makusu has already been signed a contract with DR Congo which is preparing for the CHAN tournament that starts today in Algeria.

After Makusu finishes the CHAN, he will arrive in the country to start working for Simba and will take the place of Nelson Okwa who agreed to be loaned to any team with a good environment here in Tanzania.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Salim Abdallah ‘Try Again’ arrived in Dubai yesterday to add strength to the team’s camp including witnessing two friendly matches and completing the registration issues in Algeria.

Try Again emphasized that they are using this registration window well to fill the existing gaps and to fulfill the need of the Brazilian coach Oliveira Roberto to need a striker to support the existing ones.

“We are working on the recommendations of the technical bench and that is our job, the leaders so the fans and members of Simba themselves should continue to trust us,” said Try Agai

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