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Tetesi za Usajili Simba, Waanza na hawa


Transfer rumors in Simba (Tetesi za Usajili Simba), Waanza na hawa

Chairman of the board of directors of Simba, Salim Abdallah ‘Try Again’ is not joking and he does not want to joke after returning to the country at the end of last week from Qatar and starting the plans for the registration of midfielder.

Try Again has found the strength to complete the registration plans in Simba after a week back receiving a call from their sponsor, Mohammed Dewji ‘Mo Dewji’ who told him that he is behind him for everything different from people’s words.

Mo Dewji seemed to be annoyed by the many words that were spreading on soccer posts, social networks and other places that he has withdrawn from the team. Now the young billionaire has planned to do the right thing in the registration of the small window.

Mwanaspoti has satisfied himself that Try Again immediately after the game between Simba and Geita Gold ended, he called the attacking midfielder, Kelvin Nashon and had a confidential conversation with him.

In order to ensure that this was completed in the session that lasted more than 30 minutes, Try Again was with Nashon ‘Mkata Ume’ and the acting head coach, Juma Mgunda who seemed to be happy the whole time.

Mgunda seemed to be happy at the meeting as one of the local players he recommended for his small window registration to improve the midfield area.

In that conversation, Try Again and Mgunda are said to have told Nashon that they are ready to give him a three-year contract to serve Simba from now on.

“They told Nashon that if he is ready before the registration of the small window closes, they will send him a plane ticket from where he is to Dar es Salaam to complete his registration,” said the informant (we have his name).

“Nashon has been told to sit with his close people to agree on the interests of his registration as well as the salary he will be receiving at the end of each month.

“After discussing the issues, each one agreed with the other and if there are no changes, this deal can be completed not many days from now

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