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Tetesi za Usajili Azam-Mshahara wa Fei Toto Azam waipa Yanga wakati Mgumu


Tetesi za Usajili Azam-Mshahara wa Fei Toto Azam waipa Yanga wakati Mgumu

It MAY not be good news for Yanga fans, but it is claimed that the technical midfielder of the team, Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto’ is preparing to leave the club.

The midfielder, who was signed four seasons ago from JKU of Zanzibar, is said to have decided to break the contract with the club so that he is free to join any team through the small registration window that is open until January 15 next year.

Since the beginning, Fei, who has six goals in the Premier League this season and two assists, has been associated with the Azam club, but all parties, including the player himself, have been denying the existence of the deal.

However, a reliable source close to the midfielder has said, Fei has decided to withdraw from the club due to the non-implementation of his interest issue including the request for an increase in the salary paid to Yanga.

The careful source confirmed to Mwanaspoti that, Fei has told them that he is not happy at the club due to seeing several foreign players being paid a lot of money, while they end up sitting on the stage and others with a contribution, while the one who fights for the team is paid little money and his cry is not heard.

“He has always complained that, in Yanga, there are players who are paid a lot of money and are assigned to expensive houses, but they do not serve the team, which has been lowering his morale and he feels he is not appreciated, even though he has been asking the management to improve his interests, but it has been losing him,” said the source which is a close friend of Fei Toto, who added; “For now, he has decided that it is better for him to leave it, so that he can look for a place that has good interests for his future life.”

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, said that in order to ensure that he is safe, Fei and his panel of lawyers have looked at the contract he has with Yanga and identified the clause that requires him to pay the club Sh100 million and three months’ wages if he breaks the contract.

It’s like this. Fei currently has a one and a half year contract left until 2024 to serve Yanga and the bosses of the club were already discussing his request for a salary increase from Sh4 million to Sh10 million, but Yanga bosses seem to be listening a lot.

But the existence of several deals with those in charge of him, including Azam’s and those from abroad, which put a significant deal on the table, including promising to pay him more than the salary he wants to be paid by Yanga, apart from registration money, a house with the status of a player of his level and other benefits made Fei Toto even more worried.
“In fact, Fei wants to leave Yanga and yesterday he was busy bringing money to Yanga before announcing the termination of the contract, but I don’t know where he is going,” said the source close to Fei Toto.

One of Yanga’s players who is a close friend of Fei (name we have) also confirmed that the midfielder tipped him about the exit deal mentioning Azam while claiming that the club has invested a lot of money which is difficult for any player to refuse.

The player said that Yanga’s conditions, Azam’s offer to give Fei a signing fee of Sh390 million, a salary of Sh17 million per month, a house worth Sh10 million and various things, have confused the player after being informed by the bosses in charge.

Another source close to Fei has confirmed that the player recently paid Yanga Sh100 million for breaking the contract and for Sunday’s match where Yanga will be the guests of Azam, it is fifth fifth to play and it may also be the last match for him as a Yanga player.

When Fei was contacted yesterday and asked that question, he hung up without answering, while Azam started to deny the rumors when they started.

Source Mwanasport

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