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Mshambuliaji Cesar Manzoki Kutua Simba Dirisha Dogo


Mshambuliaji Cesar Manzoki Kutua Simba Dirisha Dogo

Despite Simba Club is heading to the general election on January 29, 2023, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Simba, Salim Abdallah ‘Try again’ has emerged and mentioned three important things in the club including the registration of the Chinese Dalian Professional striker, Cesar Manzoki.

At the beginning of this season, it was reported that, Manzoki has finished with Simba to play for the team, but his registration was delayed due to his previous team, Vipers, making it difficult, which led them to send him to China to join Dalian Professional where his contract ends on December 31. this year.

Try Again has explained the three things including the registration they will do in the small window towards the group stage of the African Champions League.

The leader, while clarifying those things through his Twitter account, attached a photo that has three people, but does not show their heads.

An investigation carried out by Sporti Xtra regarding the photo, it has been found that among them is Manzoki in the middle due to his hand drawings ‘Tatoo’ being seen.

Try Again noted that: “The coders in this period our ‘focus’ is to strengthen the technical bench to be better, to make the best and correct, and strong registration in order to improve our team to be ready to fight in the African Champions League and also to continue fighting in the major league so that we can win the championship.

“To hold free and fair elections to find the best leaders to lead our club. I ask fans and members to ignore the rumors of those who do not wish our club well. Simba is strong and safe and will always remain so. One Strong Lion.”

The statement of Try Again, comes a few days after the Chief Executive of Simba, Barbara Gonzalez announced her resignation from the position she held for almost two years.

It should be noted that Simba, which is struggling to improve their squad, is also in the process of searching for a coach to assist Juma Mgunda who was assigned to the squad when Zoran Maki left in September this year.

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