Wednesday, October 20, 2021
SoccerTransferHarry Kane hasn’t spoken with Tottenham over his future

Harry Kane hasn’t spoken with Tottenham over his future

Harry Kane said he had no contact with either Tottenham or his agent regarding his future at the club following transfer links from other clubs.

Kane ‘s future with Spurs became uncertainty following transfer link from Manchester City, as they willing to land the England Captain for £100m bid.

According to Sky Sports, Kane insists the two things are not related and says he has spoken to neither his brother Charlie, who is also his agent, nor Tottenham about his future.

The 27-year-old said: “To be honest, I feel like when I come away with England I’m just fully focused on England.

“My brother is my agent, but the only time I’ve spoken to my brother really over the last few weeks is, ‘Good luck, let’s get a win, and let’s take England all the way’.

“After the games, I’ll have one of the club physios just checking up, making sure that everything is okay, but other than that, not really (any contact). I have good luck messages and things like that but nothing to do with the personal stuff with the club really.

So, it doesn’t really bother me about the outside noise. When I’m here I’m with the boys, I try to help the boys, be a leader in the team. I need to get to know the boys, see what makes certain players tick and helping the younger lads, so I feel like I’ve got enough on my plate to worry about anything outside of England.

“That’s where I’m at and of course I feel like it’s one of them where if you’re not scoring as a striker, people look for every little angle why you’re not scoring and that’s probably the case in this tournament so far.

“But like I said, as long as I’m focused, I’ve got the self-belief I have, I’m not worried about anyone else.

“If I’m totally honest I don’t really read anything, no media.

“The most important thing is about us as a group and us a staff and as a nation and when you are in these tournament modes, sometimes it’s easy to get caught away with other stuff, but the experience I’ve had in the last few tournaments is just to focus on this and do what you can in the moment and leave no regrets.”

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