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Dodoma Jiji Yataka Wawili Kutoka Yanga Sc


Dodoma Jiji Yataka Wawili Kutoka Yanga Sc

Dodoma City Club has ventured to sign the players Heritier Makambo and Yusuf Athuman of the Tanzania Football Champions Bara Yanga SC in this period of the Small Registration Window.

The plan has become known following the two being part of the players who will be released on loan, while the other club that is said to be competing for them is Coastal Union from Tanga.

However, Dodoma City FC is supposed to put more strength in the native striker Yusuf Athumani with the aim of increasing the strength in the attacking area, believing that even the striker will be enough for them, in case they fail to catch both of them.

Dodoma Jiji Yataka Wawili Kutoka Yanga Sc

At the moment, the Dodoma City Club’s attack line is struggling despite having valuable players including Collins Opare, Zidane Sereri, Hassan Mwaterema, Paul Peter and Christian Zigah.

The stars have not yet scratched Coach Mellis Medo and now the American Citizen wants to add strength to the line and among those on their radar are Geita Gold’s captain, Danny Lyanga and Yusuf Athuman.

Yusuf was signed to Yanga SC two seasons ago from Biashara United Mara, and has had a difficult time finding a place in the first team of the Tanzania Mainland Football Champions.

One of the leaders of Dodoma, Fredrick Mwakisambwe has said that the report of the technical bench needs a striker, a midfielder and a defensive defender, while avoiding Yusuf’s own statements if they decide to keep it secret.

Dodoma Jiji Yataka Wawili Kutoka Yanga Sc

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