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Soccer Coaches Solskjaer believes Man U can to beat Liverpool

Solskjaer believes Man U can to beat Liverpool

Manchester United Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes his side already proven that they have everything enough to beat Liverpool on coming match.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Solskjaer referenced away victories over Paris Saint-Germain in March and Manchester City last month as evidence United can play at the level needed to beat Liverpool.


He said: “It will take a massive performance, it will take a performance up to our best levels, it will take a performance we’ve shown before that we are capable of. Man City away, PSG away, big games for us to look back on and think: ‘Yeah, we can do it.’

“Since I’ve been here we have met Liverpool twice – two draws at Old Trafford – and I think we’ve done well, with different approaches in both games. It gives us a couple of options of how to play against them.”

Asked if he was worried about the state of his side, Solskjaer said: “Not really. We beat City, we beat Burnley lately, we’re picking up our form. I’m not worried, no. Of course we’d like to win more games, but we do have a team sometimes that can set up in away games and soak up some pressure, counter attack, and some of our best performances have been against good teams away from home.

“You need to find an extra level to come away with something at Anfield. It’s not an easy place to go to, but you’ve got to go there with a mindset of not just waiting for them to steamroller you. They have done that against a few teams. We’ve got to go there and stamp our own authority on the game, and do as well as we can.

“As I said, it’s only a month ago we should have been four or five up against City away from home. Yes, we’ve lost against them at home since that, but we do have experience that we can look back on.

“If we keep our heads, keep believing in what we’re doing, of course there could be moments in a game where you need some luck, to win your individual battles. But tactically I’m sure we should be able to cope with it.”

Marcus Rashford seems to be doubt on clash against Liverpool due to back injury from last match but Solskjaer says the club will give him every possible chance of playing a part.

“It’s touch and go. I’m not going to hold my breath, put my reputation on the line and say he will play,” Solskjaer said. “But we’re going to give him as long as possible. We’re going to do the thorough checks here as well.

“Of course it would be a blow if Marcus is injured because he’s been fantastic this season, and he’s done well against Liverpool before. It’s a blow, but that’s a challenge for the ones who step in, if he doesn’t make it.”

Despite other injuries in the United side – including Luke Shaw, Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay – Solskjaer is remaining positive, and says it only makes the challenge sweeter to overcome.

He said: “What a great challenge. Nobody gave us a chance against City, a month ago, and you’re saying few and far between, well I think we’ve proven many a time against top teams that we can rise to the challenge. That’s what you do when you sign for Man Utd, you want consistency, but in a one-off game you can perform and beat anyone.

“What will winning mean? Three points. It’s a victory we all look forward to – every single Man Utd and Liverpool supporter. It has been a rivalry for many, many years. You can ask me after, instead. I don’t like to talk about what it would mean; ‘What has it meant?’ is a better question!”

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