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Simba: Seven (7)Things leads Barbara to dump Simba


Simba fans are still at a crossroads after the club’s Chief Executive, Barbara Gonzalez suddenly announced her resignation, amidst rumors that things are not Msimbazi’s business.

Barbara announced the other evening her decision, by writing a statement online, stating two main things, which however have raised many questions for coders considering they do not have much weight, to the point of making the ‘Iron Lady’ step aside for a month’s notice.

The young lady was announced by the Board of Directors of the Lions Club under its former Chairman, Mohamed ‘MO’ Dewji on September 5, 2020 as the Chief Executive Officer to replace Senzo Mazingisa who was serving in Yanga at that time.

Barbara has served the position for two years before the other day giving her notice of resignation, while being carried by the various records she set at the club for making Simba a threat to Africa, despite being told that she went through many challenges, some of which are said to make her angry.

Along with his document stating the two things that made him give the notice of one month until January including passing the general election that will be held within the month, which will produce new members of the Board of Directors and also passing the transition period and handing over the office, but Mwanaspoti has identified seven things which are what is being described has made Barbara take the initiative to lead the club, while she herself opens up, albeit briefly.


It is explained that the first reason that contributed to Barbara’s decision to leave Simba was the failure to get along well with her bosses, including members of the Board of Directors.

It is alleged that there were times when Barbara and some members of the Board of Directors did not have a good understanding until they could not even talk to each other.

There is one of the powerful members of the Board of Directors (we have his name), he decided to go to the (WhatsApp) group.


During the two years Barbara was in Simba, she seemed to be a leader with the aim of ensuring that the sponsor, Mo Dewji, gives a small amount of money to the operation of the team while reducing some expenses in many areas.

Some of the leaders who were in charge of various things like registration and other programs used to send budgets to Barbara, she did not agree with them and often she reduced and gave the amount that she felt was correct in the matter.

In order to reduce the costs of the club, Barbara cut down to the staff that she failed to work with at different times since she was given the job.

The conflict of interest was one of the challenges that were putting her, Barbara in a difficult time, seeming to give some money and others not being able to let it out for the reasons she was explaining.


Among the major factors that contributed to Barbara leaving Simba is this, for a long time now there is no good understanding between her and her boss, Salim Abdallah ‘Try Again’. Try Again was appointed to the position after Mo Dewji stepped down to remain the Honorary President of the club.

It is alleged that the two have failed to have a better understanding, each seeing that he is the one who deserves to be heard, including the issue of interfering even in the issues of registration, coaches and managing the discipline of the players, something that is said has also been destabilizing the managers of the team’s camp.

According to internal information from Simba, Try Again has set a work plan for Barbara, which sometimes she has been unable to do as their agreement was, which has contributed to the two of them being in a state of constant misunderstanding.

There was a time when the activities of the club were taking place without the two of them having even a phone call and each one deciding what was within his power according to the relevant time.

The personal decision that Barbara makes such as giving herself a necessary vacation, leaving when the team is in a difficult and important match, not being in the office at important times like registration are some of the things that annoyed Try Again and produced differences between them.


Four years ago, Simba did well in international and domestic competitions, including taking the championship of the Premier League in those consecutive seasons.

Among the weapons that were contributing to the success was the unity that existed among the top leaders and each one performed the duties of their area properly and in the end good results were seen.

It was not surprising to see Zacharia Hanspoppe (now deceased), Mohamed Nassor, Mulamu Nghambi, Barbara, Try Again, Crescentius Magori and others together at important events.

The leaders each had their own responsibilities to make sure the team does well and they succeeded, but from last season due to the lack of good understanding between them, the union left.

For example, this season Simba can travel to away matches, the leader is only one, Ofisa Habari, Ahmed Ally or on some trips you will see him with Try Again, unlike the panel of leaders.

Magori has asked to rest the football issues in Simba, Nassoro and Mulamu are far from the team, not like before, so most of the team’s affairs are done under Try Again who does not have a good understanding with Barbara.


Outside, most of Simba’s lovers and fans were telling them something about Barbara, believing that she is one of the leaders who do their best work in the club all the time.

While the fans believed that, many in the leadership had different ideas believing that Barbara cannot fit in that position and has failed to be in charge of the club’s daily activities.

That thing of not being trusted and seemingly doing nothing in Simba was annoying Barbara.


Initially, Barbara was able to endure difficult issues such as her saga with the former Information Officer of Simba at the time, Haji Manara, but in the end, she appeared to be weak and even sometimes complained on social media, although by hiding her words


Mwanaspoti looked for Barbara, and she said: “I can’t add any words other than those in my statement at the moment, but let’s wait a month so that I can hand over the office. I think after that maybe I can add more.

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