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SA Tourism | Tottenham Sponsorship Deal worth’s Billions in Return


SA Tourism | Tottenham Sponsorship Deal worth’s Billions in Return

South African Tourism appearing CEO Themba Khumalo says the proposed nearly R1bn deal to companion with Tottenham Hotspur has nothing to do with soccer however the financial have an impact on of tourism.

The enterprise on Thursday held a press convention to protect its proposed sponsorship deal with the English soccer membership the use of taxpayer money, announcing it will hold cash rolling into the country.

According to reporter, news of the notion used to be met with irritated response considering it used to be damaged by using Daily Maverick, with many South Africans questioning its fee amid load-shedding and crumbling infrastructure.

Speaking to the media, Khumalo stated it was once nothing new for South African Tourism to spend hundreds of thousands on overseas marketing, as had been completed in previous years.

“We are in the business of persuading foreign nationals across 24 markets around the world that we have identified travel to South African and spend money in our economy.

“They bring foreign investment into our country, which creates job support SMMEs, supports young people to come into the sector and drives people with disabilities to have the dignity of a livelihood and recover the economy in general,” said Khumalo.

He said Tottenham Hotspur was chosen because they were the only top performing team that did not have a destination partner.

“This is the doorway for us to be able to access the followers of Premier League football in the UK. We also looked at the audience footprint for the Premier League and the team we are engaging with. The biggest audience is in the UK, which is our biggest international travel market to South African.

“The second biggest audience is in the US, which is our fastest growing international arrivals market, and the rest is Europe and Asia.”

Khumalo said the deal was not a UK-based initiative but it the team is based in the UK.

“Because the games are played throughout the year, it gives us presence on TV throughout the year and gives us marketing platforms throughout the year. We can change our creative and message, make it seasonal and based on what we are selling on the supply side within South Africa.

“This is about the economic impact of tourism. It has nothing to do with football.”

SA Tourism | Tottenham Sponsorship Deal worth’s Billions in Return

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