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The World Cup champion earns 42 million dollars


The World Cup champion earns 42 million dollars

The winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 finals, the Argentine national team has earned a prize of 42 million dollars equal to 98.319 billion shillings.

Argentina has earned that amount after successfully defeating the French national team 4-2 through penalty kicks.

The French national team, after finishing in second place, has collected 30 million dollars equal to 70 billion shillings.

After placing fourth in the World Cup competition, the Moroccan national team has collected 25 million dollars, which is equivalent to 58.523 billion shillings.

Morocco has taken that position after being defeated by Croatia 2-1 and its opponent took third place, thus leaving with 27 million dollars equal to 63 billion shillings.

The four teams that qualified for the quarter-finals will all get 17 million dollars equal to 39 billion shillings, the eight teams that lost in the round of 16 will leave with 13 billion dollars equal to 30 billion shillings.

The other 16 nations that were eliminated in the group stage are given nine million dollars, which is equal to 20 billion shillings regardless of how many points they got in their three games.

Each nation should decide how much money they give to players and staff. That is a decision that is made before the tournament as performance goals are planned for victory at each stage of the World Cup.

The World Cup champion earns 42 million dollars

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