Friday, December 4, 2020

Zinedine Zidane says Eden Hazard is fine after injury scare

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane saying Eden Hazard is fine despite being substituted in their 3-1 victory against Eibar.

Zidane impressed by his side performance following closing gap with rival Barcelona, he also impressed by Belgian performance who assisted Sergio Ramos during that match.

Eden Hazard was replaced in 61 minutes to give him a room to recover and not injury as Real Madrid forward stats became doubt due to severe injuries.

We knew Hazard would probably lack a little sharpness if he played the whole game,” Real boss Zidane said. “He played for an hour, and played well, and he took a hit, which will do him good.

“He’s had a knock, a scare, but that’s football. He was fine at half-time, he was happy and he’s not afraid. He is happy with what he’s done and we’re happy with his work and that of the whole team.

“We have players up top who can always make the difference. I think when Hazard laid it to Sergio, he could have scored himself too, but he’s altruistic, so he gave it to Sergio. It’s unselfish and I love to see things like that.”

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