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The Salary Of Sawadogo Simba Can Pay Three Players Like Feisal


YOU HAVE HEARD this, you are being told that the new midfielder of Simba citizen of Burkina Faso, Hamed Ismael Sawadogo, his salary in the squad can pay three players like Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto’ of Yanga who is paid four million shillings per month and change left.

It has been reported that Sawadogo has cost Simba 300 million Tanzanian shillings in registration money, while his monthly salary is said to be more than 14 million shillings, which is equivalent to 336 million shillings for two years.

Sawadogo, whose last team before Simba was playing for Morocco’s Difaa El Jadida, through a salary of 14 million per month, within one year he will earn 168 million shillings, with 3.5 million shillings per week, 466,666.7 shillings per day and 466,666.7 per hour 19,444.4 shillings.

Our source from Simba has told Sporti Xtra that Swadogo’s registration has cost the club 300 million shillings, due to competition from some of the biggest clubs in Africa, which made them pay that much so they wouldn’t miss the star.

“We have registered two players at a very high cost due to our needs especially towards the African Champions League, so you will see only one player like Sawadogo we have spent about 300 million for registration.

“But if you look at his salary, he licks more than 14 million every month, money that if you compare with the amount Fei Toto is paid in Yanga, you will see that there is the ability to pay three players of his type and the change left to pay a player like Clement Mzize,” said the source.

Simba’s Information and Communication Manager, Ahmed Ally, said: “I don’t know the truth about the salary and the amount given to the player until he gets here, but what I can say is that Sawadogo is one of the top players in Africa, so even his value cannot be underestimated be normal.”

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