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Tetesi za usajili yanga-Fei TOTO atimkia JKU


Transfer rumors-Tetesi za usajili yanga-Fei TOTO atimkia JKU

Yanga midfielder Feisal Salum Abdallah (Fei toto) this morning Thursday December 29, 2022 played for his former team JKU in a friendly game against Mlandege at Mao Zedong Stadium, Zanzibar where JKU managed to win 4-2.

In that game Fei played 45 minutes of the second half where when he entered Fei JKU were already behind with 2-0 goals, but after entering they managed to equalize the goals and add two more while Fei scored one of the 4 goals and with great help to get those goals.

This reporter made an effort to talk to Fei immediately after the game ended but Fei asked not to say anything.

“I beg you not to say anything, I beg you very much, when the day comes to speak I will speak”. said Fei.

It is not the first time that Fei has been seen playing at JKU as it is his old team that he left in 2018 before joining Yanga.

On Saturday, December 24, 2022, through his social networks, Fei said goodbye to Yanga, while his team on the same day announced that Fei still has a contract with Yanga until May 30, 2024.

Recently, information emerged that Fei might join Azam FC due to a big bet promised to him where he personally once said that he does not play football to please people but he plays football to see where there is interest.

Tetesi za usajili yanga-Fei TOTO atimkia JKU

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