Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Mesut Ozil: Healthy meals for children should be a given, and not a privilege

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil joins list of other footballers like Marcus Rashford, provision of free meals to children during school holidays.

Ozil teamed up with German chef Stefan Pappert at the start of the pandemic to provide healthy meals to families living in poverty, homeless shelters and charities that support refugees.

“There’s a real emphasis on making sure the food is healthy, nutritious and also filling. So we’re using the finest organic pasta which my friend Alberto Franceschi sent from Italy,” Ozil said.

“Healthy meals for children should be a given, and not a privilege.”

Arsenal midfielder take his responsibility of helping those groups in need during this hard time as number of affected from virus looking like started to rise once again.

“This week, during the half-term, lots of kids are facing a tough situation with regards to food,” he said in an exclusive interview. “No child should go hungry. That’s the most important thing and wherever I can help I will.”

We have seen a huge increase of infection rate couple days left which force other countries like Belgium to re-impose lockdown rule once at second time.

Last week the government rejected a Labour bill to extend free school meals, prompting Ozil to scale up his project and provide 1,400 extra meals every day.

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