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Hiki ndo kinaifanya TFF kumfungia Fei Toto


The Chairman of the Law and Status of Players Committee of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), Said Sudi has said that if it is found that Azam FC have persuaded the midfielder, Feisal Salum ‘Fei Toto’ to break the Yanga contract without following the procedure, they will close the team to register the player himself.

That is a few days since the committee held a joint session with two parties involving the player’s owners and the midfielder who wrote a letter to terminate his contract.

In that session, the committee was satisfied that the midfielder belongs to Yanga due to having a contract until 2024.

Speaking to one of the biggest radio stations in the country, Sudi said that Azam is one of the clubs that promoted football in the country, so it would be degrading if it was involved in the issue.

Sudi said that they are not sure about that, but they are continuing with the investigation and if it is completed and they are satisfied with that then they will ban Azam from registering with the midfielder to play football.

“We hear as others hear that Azam is involved in persuading Fei Toto, which is basically a mistake. If it turns out that Azam has persuaded him to break the contract with Yanga without following the procedure, then we will block the team from registering and Fei Toto we will block him if we get enough evidence, we will not hesitate to do so.

“We closed the two clubs Prisons and Singida Big Stars for the mistake of influencing players of other teams when they had contracts and asked for a review, despite that we found them guilty and we closed them.

“The problem with many players is that they sign contracts after reading the page that shows the salary they will be paid, but they do not go through the papers with clauses containing the conditions for the implementation of the relevant contract.

“Fei Toto managed read one clauses when the contract is made up of many elements, you should read them all together.

“Fei Toto’s lawyer asked his client not to be interviewed by the committee, we did not interview him later we interviewed him ‘Off Record’ and found out that Fei Toto and his lawyer are in conflict, the lawyer asked the committee to let Fei Toto go to another team, when we interviewed him he said he does not want to play football he wants to rest.

“So the decision of the committee is that Fei Toto is a Yanga player, and there is no broken contract,” said Sudi.

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