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Fei Toto Angalia Pesa Kuna Maisha Baada Ya Yanga….Maisha yanahitaji pesa sio Yanga wala Azam Fc


From the social networks this is what is going on against Fei Toto to announce and show his sincere intention to leave the desert people(Wanajangwani)

before we don’t blame Fei Toto, let’s look at what the past history says against such incidents for the players at the Yanga club

In 2004, Simba’s left defender, Ramazan Ramazan, a citizen of Burundi, asked his club to release him because he has found a team in Belgium.

Simba, in a very pure spirit, gave him his release letter and wished him all the best.
The leaders boasted in the media that their club is the best and is being followed by European clubs, that’s why their players are seen and needed there.

After receiving his letter, Ramazan Ramazan signed Yanga. He didn’t go to Belgium…he went to the desert. If not invented, what was it?

Let’s leave 2004, that is very far away, it is possible that this speaker here had not started to know the ball.

In 2017, Gadiel Michael asked his Azam club to break his contract so he could go find a new challenge he wants.

The club refused because the contract is not written only in words…he should follow the procedures.
He wrote on Facebook that Azam is going to Yanga where he has signed a pre-contract.
Get a picture of a player of a certain team, and he has a contract, but he has the audacity to go public and say that he has already signed a preliminary agreement with another club without his club’s knowledge.

If not invented, what is it?
In 2020, Sure Boy followed the leadership of Azam FC to ask him to break his contract and go find a new challenge.

The club decided to put him on the market. Yanga came with their small offer…the club rejected it. The next day, the person sent by Yanga to bring the offer, brought Sure’s letter saying that he is asking to break the contract.

If not invented, what is?
Last season, D Ambundo said goodbye to his club Dodoma Jiji that he has found a team in England so they let him go.

In a pure spirit, they left him and wished him all the best… the next day, he signed Yanga.
If not invented, what is it?

All these clubs whose players were recruited, were also very hurt because these players were important to them.

If it happens with Yanga, the players are being manipulated, bear with them. the pain is the same.

Gadiel Michael is a player that Azam invested in as a young child. Do you know his pain?
Are you complaining about a player you didn’t even invest in? You found him to be a senior player…how would you develop him?

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