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Chama Awatoa Hofu Mashabiki Wa Simba


Simba’s international member, Clatous Chota Chama, has broken his silence and scared the fans of his team after making it clear that the reason why he did not travel with the team to Dodoma was the ankle pain he suffered in Dubai.

The Zambian midfielder was sent off in the 30th minute of the first half in the game against Mbeya City, after suffering from leg pain, which scared the fans and felt that he was not in harmony with the Head Coach, Roberto OliveiraRobertonho’.

Chama is currently the leader in making the final passes in the team and the league as a whole, after making 12 passes and scoring four goals in the Tanzania Mainland Premier League, something that has caused fans to wish to see him stay on the field throughout the game.

Speaking to HabariLEO, the midfielder said that he has stayed in Dar es Salaam on the advice of a doctor after he advised to undergo an examination on the pain that is bothering him to know the extent of the problem early.

“The truth is, I don’t have a problem with the coach, Robertinho, and even when he made a change for me, I didn’t hate it. I went inside to take off my shoe because I was feeling a lot of pain,” said Chama.

The midfielder has explained that he experienced the pain in a friendly game against CSKA Moscow held in Dubai, where Simba camped for seven days at the invitation of the honorary President Mohammed Dewji ‘MO‘.

He said he believes the pain will not be too great and that is due to the team of doctors giving him good care which he believes will not keep him out for longer than a week or a week and a half.

Chama has stated that he still believes his team has a chance for the championship despite being outnumbered by six points by their hometown team Yanga, who currently lead the league with 53 points.

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