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Kocha Mpya Simba Anena siku 10 zinatosha kuiuwa Yanga


Head coach Simba -Kocha Mpya Simba Anena siku 10 zinatosha kuiuwa Yanga

Simba’s Head Coach, Brazilian Roberto Oliviera ‘Robertinho’ has told the team’s bosses that 10 days are enough for him to prepare and prepare his squad that will be strong and fight any team including Yanga.

That is a few days since the coach was entrusted with the task of leading the team, succeeding Zoran Maki, who broke the contract to continue coaching the team.

The coach has already joined the team, which traveled to Dubai to set up a seven-day camp before returning to Dar es Salaam for the Premier League and African Champions League games.

Speaking to Championi on Monday, the team’s Information and Communication Manager, Ahmed Ally said that the coach said that those ten days are enough for him to build a strong team that will get good results.

Ally said that he will use the camp in Dubai to prepare new methods, systems and philosophies that he will give to his players to ensure that he creates a strong team and a threat to Africa.

He added that he saw some players through various videos of league and international games, there are some he was interested in and included them in his plans.

“The coach has made big promises to us leaders and the most important thing is to make sure that he creates a team that will be strong and a threat in this region of Africa.

“And that is possible for him, as he has all the qualities to make a strong team, we believe he has seen all the players through the Revolution Cup(Mapinduzi cup) and videos of previous games.

“The camp in Dubai will enable him to spend a lot of time with the players with great calm while preparing his squad,” said Ally.

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