Essien explains why Chelsea should keep this player

Brazilian international player who plays at Chelsea David Luiz has lost place in the first team and various rumors have linked and suggest that Chelsea defender wants to quit the club.
Former Chelsea player Michael Essien talk a little about David Luiz situation and urged Chelsea to keep David Luiz because he have  great experience and his experience is needed at the club.
“Sell him? am not sure ” Michael Essien told when asked whether Chelsea should sell Luiz or not.
Essien added that Luiz is one of the leaders at the moment ” When you want to do something you need leaders, you need that experience so hopefully he will still be around for a long time.When he was with me he was crazy guy but in a good way
Michael said that David Luiz is not old and he is still young. He has strong leadership and that is good for the team. It is good to have him in the dressing room, he is very funny, he jokes around but he is very serious when he is playing
He also said in football it is easy for people to forget contribution of player when he drop his levels and this is what happens to David Luiz
He is still one of the best in my eye, he is out injured but i think he will come back strong and play for the club.
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