Friday, October 22, 2021
SoccerCoachesJose Mourinho says he faces plenty managerial criticism than others

Jose Mourinho says he faces plenty managerial criticism than others

Tottenham Hotspurs coach Jose Mourinho spoke about treat he gets from football lovers as he said he faces more managerial criticism than others.

According to Sky sports, Tottenham coach spoke addresses criticism when he spoke with Gary Cotterill concerning his life at current managerial club.

“People look at me with different eyes,” he says, when asked if he receives more criticism than other top managers, he said.

“I know people expect me to do things that you don’t expect with many others. I don’t read much, but with some of the questions I get, I have that feeling, yes.

“For example, the other day after a game (the 3-1 win at Newcastle) the first question was about a player that didn’t start.

“When a player is not playing with other coaches it’s never a problem. They make rotations. They make decisions. They leave on the bench incredible players and everyone looks at them and feels that this is their job. That’s the way a big team has to be.

“But when Tottenham, for the first time in the season has, for example, Lucas Moura, Steven Bergwijn, Erik Lamela and Heung-Min Son (all available), people always ask me about the ones that are not playing. So, yes, in some aspects I feel that a bit.”

The Portuguese succeeded Maurcio Pochettino when they were 12th , he made some positive changes but he wonders why people are criticizing him.

Jose Mourinho says injuries broken their positive starts but he believes he can make better outcome as draws on a memory from his early career as inspiration.

“We, myself and the staff, analyse internally and we know we are doing a very positive job,” he says.

“I can compare it a little bit with my experience at Porto. When I got to Porto in January (2002), that half of the season was really hard, but was so important for the preparation of the next one.

“So that’s what I’m doing now, accumulating knowledge and experience in the club to prepare for what’s next.”

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