Monday, October 18, 2021
SoccerCoachesArteta admits Arsenal need immediate results after disappointing start

Arteta admits Arsenal need immediate results after disappointing start

Bad results in first three matches of EPL make Mikel Arteta under pressure, as Arsenal stand bottom of the competition.

Arsenal are expecting to face Norwich in coming match, as Arteta insist that they need immediate “reset” to improve their side.

“We have tried to explain the project and the decisions that we have made over the last few months in the transfer window,” Arteta said.

“The amount of changes that we’ve had in two or three years is almost 30 players. Edu explained it like I’ve tried to explain it.

“We have all participated, trying to create and build this project obviously led by the owners. It is a project that we believe in, that we have to assemble.

“It was the option that we believe is best for the future of the football club. We all take responsibility because we were all involved in the decision.

“Now we have to make it work. The complexity in football is that you want to build a medium, long-term project with immediate results.

“And we have to embrace that because there is no other way in football, you’re going to have to have results and we are ready to do that.”

The Spanish coach is under pressure after heavy defeats from Chelsea, Manchester City and Brentford in their starting season.

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