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Chama na Saido Wapewa ushauri mzito kwa Roberto Oliveira


Chama and Saido are given serious advice to Roberto Oliveira

The former coach of Sports Club Villa of Uganda, Edward Kaziba has warned the Simba players, including the attacking midfielders from Zambia, Clatous Chama and Saidi Ntibanzokiza ‘Saido’, a citizen of Burundi, that if they want to do well under the new coach Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’, then they must be calm due to the severity of the coach.

Kaziba, who is currently one of the coaches of the national women’s teams in Uganda, made the statement after Simba announced Robertinho, a Brazilian citizen, as the head coach, taking over from Juma Mgunda, who is going to be an assistant coach who will be assisted by Seleman Matola.

Chama with three goals and 11 assists while Saido has seven goals in the league due to setting a record for scoring a hat trick in his first match this season since he joined Simba in the small window registration.

Speaking to Championi on Friday, Kaziba said that one of the reasons that led to the success of the Brazilian in Ugandan and East African football is his act of managing discipline to a large extent, so the Simba players need to be careful if they want to continue doing well this season under the coach.

“Personally, I know because he was here in Uganda with Vipers, whose work everyone has seen and was surprised to hear that he went to Simba because Simnba is one of the biggest clubs in East and Central Africa and has been doing well in international championships, so there is no coach who does not want to see he can work with them.

“But the thing that he wants to advise the Simba players is to be careful with the issue of their discipline because this coach they are with at the moment is not a player’s person and is strict about things that he sees as the basis, I think that is the thing that the players need to be careful about being someone who is not a stranger to East African football, he has been there for a long time,” said Kaziba.

Chama na Saido Wapewa ushauri mzito kwa Roberto Oliveira

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